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Our Great American Patent System
Is on the Verge of Being Destroyed!

Help Us Save it By Defeating Upcoming Destructive Anti-American Patent Legislation

"The Congress shall have the power...To promote the progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries."

--The United States Constitution, Article I. Section 8

PIA helped short-circuit HR 2795 the deadly Patent "Deform" (Reform) act of 2005 (109th Congress). The Anti- American innovation evil doers are still plotting to bring new anti-innovation legislation in the new Congress in 2007 (110th Congress) by way of House Bill HR 1908 and Senate Bill S 1145.

Help Us Defeat this new Threat to American Innovation! Donate to PIA (Professional Inventors Alliance)

BUT -- Despite the Constitution's protection for inventors, some members of Congress have been attempting to cripple America's 216-year-old patent system, the patent system that has made us the world leader in innovation and technology. They are planning to limit or eliminate the patent rights of individual, small business and academic inventors -- the most productive inventors in America and the world. We must not let them do this!

Who we are and why we're here:

The Professional Inventors Alliance was founded by Independent American inventors to let our fellow Americans know what is being attempted and what we MUST do to stop it.

Conserving the American Patent System is the only way to preserve our technological and economic future!

(This is not alarmist, this is serious and it is true!)

Some of the Testimony before the 109th Congress:

"Patents: Protecting Inventions

The patent system is a fundamental foundation of America's innovation based economy.

… Like any other part of the free enterprise system, the patent system offers economic incentive by allowing private ownership. In a way, this is no different than real estate. Private ownership of valuable assets is the basis for the American economy."

"Small inventors: America's Economic Engine

The leading component of America's invention output is driven by individual inventors, academic institutions and small and medium businesses."

".... Individuals and small businesses in aggregate have substantially more processor patents than Intel or IBM- -- indeed more than the two combined."

(our) "patent system exists to protect and encourage invention, not products."

"Small changes in patent law can, as an unintended consequence, have catastrophic effects."