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All letters submitted to The Professional Inventors Alliance or any of it's directors become the property of The Professional Inventors Alliance and are subject to publication with attribution to the author unless the letter specifically states it is confidential.

If you wish a letter to be treated as confidential then please clearly state so at the beginning and end of the letter. Also state "CONFIDENTIAL" in the subject line. Please make the confidential statement on each communication, do not assume that we will remember the request from a previous communication.

The Professional Inventors Alliance is an association of commercially successful inventors, patent practioners, and others who are interested in in educating government and the public about the needs of inventor-entrepreneurs. The group shares information about patent enforcement and public policy issues.

The Professional Inventors Alliance (PIAUSA) welcomes participation by inventors in the early stages of the invention process. Aspiring inventors who do make significant contributions by volunteering benefit from the contacts they make with commercially successful inventors. Many of the inventors who founded PIAUSA have contributed to the development of another organization named InventorEd whose purpose is to offer help to aspiring inventors. InventorEd is an IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit. If you are an inventor seeking advice on patenting, marketing, or the problem of fraudulent invention promotion companies DO NOT USE THE FORM BELOW, instead please click here.

Professional Inventors Alliance
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